Partnership first. Best ideas win.

Our guiding principles


We’re partners.

The dynamics around an investment are as important as the business model characteristics. A key question we ask ourselves is whether we’re partnering with people who share our values and who are willing to retain a meaningful economic interest.

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We’re business builders at heart.

Our focus has been, and will always be, on helping our partner companies grow. Success doesn’t happen overnight and we relish the journey.

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We’re patient.

In the lower middle market, we believe the ability to be patient is both valuable and a differentiator. Sustainable, long-term value creation often comes at the expense of near-term profits.


We’re collaborators.

Capital alone can’t accelerate growth, which is why our goal is to empower our partner companies with real-world advice and practical support. We don’t look to put our hands on the wheel, but we’re more than happy to help navigate.

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We’re stewards.

We’re stewards of the companies – and legacies – in which we are privileged to invest. We feel tremendous responsibility to leave our partner companies, and their people, better than we found them.

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Our Culture

Integrity Always.

We pledge to be honest, fair, friendly, hard-working, gracious and trustworthy, no matter the circumstance.

Best Ideas Win.

In our experience, the best decisions are the product of rigor, truth-seeking, transparency, courage, humility and collaboration.

Better Every Day.

We strive for excellence in all we do; essential to excellence is the practice of continuous improvement.

Enjoy The Journey.

We are committed to achieving a balance between work and family, work and play, efficiency and effectiveness.

Purpose Driven.

Every person, team, or company must have a reason for being that is bigger than themselves; we believe devotion to purpose yields consistency, which is the cornerstone of trust and credibility.

We are private equity done differently

A Letter from Our Founders


When we founded Greenridge, the world did not need one more generic private equity firm. What was true then remains so as we write this letter: there are more private equity firms representing more capital today than at any point in history. Capital, by itself, no longer differentiates. We believed there was an opportunity to be different – to innovate in our industry.

With the benefit of supportive spouses and families, we formed Greenridge and became entrepreneurs. We sought to build the type of firm that would allow us to be the kind of private equity partner that founders and entrepreneurs in the lower-middle-market deserved.

To be good partners, we must first live out our values:  Integrity Always, Best Ideas Win, Better Every Day, Enjoy the Journey, Purpose Driven. Success in the lower middle market means that we must also be business builders, with a focus on how we can help our partner companies grow, not how they can help us grow our assets under management. We must be patient. In the lower middle-market, we believe the ability to be patient is both valuable and a differentiator. We know that sustainable, long-term value creation can often come at the expense of short-term profits. Finally, we must be good stewards of the companies in which we are privileged to invest, leaving them and their people better than we found them.

These are more than words at Greenridge…these values, and the behaviors and habits that flow from them, form the foundation of all that we do as a firm.

As we look back on the years since we started Greenridge, we are overcome with gratitude, not just for the successes, but also for the challenges. All of our experiences have made us better as a firm and have prepared us for the future.  When we allow ourselves a brief moment of pride, it is that we built the kind of firm we set out to create all those years ago.

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