More than capital.

Sector Focused

We don’t try to be all things to all people, nor do the businesses with which we work. Our sector-focused, thesis-driven approach has led to our success investing in software and technology-enabled services businesses. This specialization enables us to accelerate quickly through diligence and add value from day one.

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What we look for

Purpose-built software that helps businesses differentiate on the basis of customer experience, service, or efficiency

Recurring or re-occurring revenue from a diverse customer base with opportunities to expand share of wallet through product enhancement and strategic M&A

Attractive go-to-market fundamentals that can be accelerated to achieve double-digit annual revenue growth during our investment period

Capital efficient with low annual maintenance capex needs and cost-effective customer onboarding dynamics

Highly scalable business models often evidenced by attractive customer acquisition cost, high retention, and compelling gross margins

How we

Assemble and Empower
Best-in-Class Talent

We believe that the strongest returns come from investing behind great teams. Our first priority is to identify best-in-class talent. Our next priority is to empower them.

  • Strategic board building
  • Identify the right people for the right seats
  • Design compensation strategies that align incentives
  • Implement talent development initiatives

Profitable Growth

We don’t believe in building a car while you’re driving it, but we do believe in accelerating without losing control. We value strong fundamentals over headline-grabbing growth.

  • Optimize pricing
  • Maximize retention
  • Expand share of wallet
  • Enhance go-to-market strategies
  • Evaluate expansion opportunities in adjacent sub-verticals
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Process, Process, Process

Rather than put our hands on the steering wheel, we’re here to help navigate by complementing successful organizations with resources and expertise to enhance operational results. We’ve worked hard to establish a bespoke support network to help optimize key functions within bootstrapped organizations.

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational design
  • Change management
  • Leadership development
  • Measurement and monitoring tools and disciplines

Corporate Strategy

We begin with the end in mind. This is why we apply a focused approach to investing that leverages years of domain-specific expertise and extensive expert networks to enhance the legacies of our partner companies.

  • Exit readiness
  • Strategic M&A
  • Sector expertise
  • Capital markets support